Late night at the office ...

From the Conspiracy headquarters , downtown Copenhagen , here's the day's report !

First off , I'd like to say that just as I predicted it last night ... Not one but two pieces were finished tonight !! Of course ... Of course , when I say "finished" I mean "finished" !! Not finished-finished !! These two pieces still have to come back for a few minutes of touch-ups and then some real nice pictures and stuff !! But still , two pieces in the bank !! Booya ! With no further delay ... Piece number one ... Zombie queen Vs last survivor !!!

Not much touch-ups to go but still like to come back on every piece for that extra little magic touch !! So ... Keep an eye on this one to show up here again all done and pretty ! We've set a virtual appointment for touch-ups 28 days later !

Segundo (that means secondly in Spanish) ... Wookiee dropped by for his final round !!!

Same same as always ... A full sleeve which is half fresh and half healed is extremely hard to take a good picture of !! So you won't see much today ! However , I've decided to post a little shot anyways ... Just so you have something to look at !!

Touch-ups on this masterpiece-sleeve in about a month !! So ... Full , all around shots of it then too !!

More of the stuff I've been painting last week shold start to show up soon and the unveiling of the ELECTRIC+PICK+TURE+BOX should be done by next week too !! What is this box thing he's talking about , one might ask ??? Secret ! I love secrets !!

Post ya on the other side ... And if you happen to be one of those outdoorsy kind of "active" nature people ! Make sure you don't end up hiking your way through a mine field on one of your "outdoorsy active nature" days !!

Later !


Anonymous said...

pretty sweet love that background sky

Petri said...

Fuck that survivor tattoo rules so hard making me itch for killing zombies.