Bucket full of shiny !

Forgive my absence of the last few days ! All work and no play makes Nick a boy with no time to blog !!

One of today's doodles ! That's where all the stars come from , it's true !! They grow them in jars and then spread them around !! For sure ! What did you say ?? Gigantic burning balls of gas that are millions of light-years away ?? That's just silly nonsense talk !! No no ... This is how it goes ! Trust me ... I know !

Been real busy as usual with the book and some doodles but thought ... 3 days without a post is simply unthinkable ! So here's a little something for your eyes to look at while I work the night away ! Might be some sweet stuff to post about tomorrow perhaps perhaps ! In the mean time stay cool out there and keep it Strasse !!

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Flora Amalie said...

Could you maybe draw them a sandwich or something?
They look starving!