Turquoise delight ...

From last Saturday's session at the office ...

Been running a few days behind with the Plog-a-posts lately ... Lots of workings to be done and very little time to show it all !! However , thought you might wanna see this last one so with no further delay ... Here's Saturday's tat-a-magic-session's result !! Miss lou came back for some sweet colours on here scissor mermaid !! We went crazy with some turquoise underwater madness and it looks damn good let me tell ya !! A last shot at this in May and it'll be all done !! Here it is for your eye's delight !!

Don't try this at home though !! Swimming with scissors is just like running with them !! It should be avoided !!

More tonight !!


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Anonymous said...

all those scissors are insane how do you do that? amazing