Just like magic !!

As promised ... A selection of one of my best rolls of shots from Hong Kong !

I think this one roll is one of the best ones I brought back !! Other rolls have a lot of good shots too but this combination of very long exposures with slide films at night is unbeatable in a beautiful place like HK !! Here we go for some more analogue magic !! And once again , ladies and gentlemen ... No Photoshop was used in these pictures !!

CANON EOS + Some slide film that I can't remember which one anymore/C-41 + HONG KONG NIGHTS

Hope you like !! Cuz I know I sure do !!! More of these this week ... However , I'll be back at the torture desk tomorrow so expect some tat-action-madness too !!

I miss HK !!

... And if you like super mega ultimate urban environment you should too ! If you don't like cities and such city like things and are into that tree and nature outdoorsy stuff ... well , than , I'm truly sorry to hear that and hope you get better soon !

Plog ya on the flip side !


Anonymous said...

pretty cool pics of the neon wonderland

Unknown said...

omggggg so jealous! it looks amazing!