E-P / J-S >>> U.S. 09 !

Is what it's all about today !!

After years of debate and chopping and adding and starting again from scratch over and over , the dates of this year's Electric Pick and Jesse Smith's U.S. trip have finally been approved by both parties !! Hurra !

Here's what it's gonna look like !!

10th till 12th of July - MIAMI , FL - Tattoolapalooza convention
14th till 16th of July - COCOA , FL - Guesting at King St. Tattoo
19th & 20th of July - RICHMOND , VA - Guesting at the Ghostprint gallery
22nd till 26th of July - SAN DIEGO , CA - Me and Jesse will be rock'n out at the ever so awesome SD-Comicon !!
27th till 30th of July - SAN DIEGO , CA - Guesting at Five Two Tattoo
2nd till 5th of August - LOS ANGELES , CA - Mostly hanging out but a possible guest spot too
10th till 12th of August - SAN FRANCISCO , CA - Guest spot for sure , just don't know where yet !!

I am not yet booking anything yet for that trip ! However if you happen to be in any of these areas and interested ... Then write down the 25th of May on your calendar cuz that's when I'll start booking them dates !!

Check out my buddy's blog here and check with him to book with him !!

Tomorrow , some tat-a-thon magic will happen again !! Stay tuned and stay cool !!

P.s. A very happy international hangover day to all !!


Jesse Smith said...

Really diggin that half-tone jibberish!!

Petri said...

Godspeed gentlemen