Home workings ...

... Is what I've been doing for the last few days !!

Not really researching stuff but just doing a lot of the little things I've been thinking of doing for a while now ... That aren't really painting or drawing ! Lots of boring computer stuff and technical Photoshop stuff and other related stuff and stuff !! Been at it all day and I'm a bit too tired to start flipping through the next promised roll of HK 35mm for tonight so you'll have to wait till tomorrow with that one !

However , here's what I can show for today ! Something I did this afternoon ! It'll also be a bit of a sneak preview of this new (still secret) project I started working on today !!

Aaaaaaa .... Secrets !! I love secrets !! This here secret should be unveiled in the weeks to come !!

Stay tuned for more !

Tomorrow ... Some photo magic , promise !!

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Anonymous said...

DRAGON!! her callsign is dragon!