From there to here !

More pictures !!!

Still from the capital of awesome ... A few more shots ! Hah !! And you thought it was all over and you'd never have to look at another pictures I took of Hong Kong again !!

Guess you were wrong !! Here's another 35 mm Red negative / long exposure experiment at the temple street Night Market !! Some of these are from the future , I'm sure of it !!! CANON + RED negative + TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET

Magical !!! Absolutely magical !! A few more rolls , spread out in the posts to come ... Be sure of it !

Worked all day on the Electric Pick Ture Box and am about half way there !! So that means you'll most probably all find out what it is in the next two days !! Hurra !!

Also ... Been thinking lately ... I've been selling a bunch of prints and originals lately !! And thought ... If you're one of these nice people who have done such a good deed and acquired one of my prints or original piece ... Send me a shot when you get it framed and all pretty !! Would love to post them here !! And it'd also be nice to see where they end up !

Thought it would be cool !! Wanna know what else is cool ?? A pint o Guinness is !! So long and Plog ya later , the pub calls me !


nic said...

Hey dude... nice pics of Yau Ma Tei. One of them was actually taken on the side street where I lived for 4 years! Haha, guess you picked the right spot for a snap ;)

C.Liu said...


You were right, these are "kiss your fingertips while they're closed together" worthy. You're photos are beautiful. I'm inspired to try out some slide film RIGHT NOW.