Wan Chai Fisheye !

Another mega-pict-o-matic film of pure love from the city of all cities !

Behold !! Roll number 3 from the Hong Kong 09 pile ! This time ... The Lomo-fisheye was paired again with the magic of Fuji's Neopan 1600 ! However fast the Neopan can be , shot with the Lomo's fixed very quick shutter time are always a bit under exposed and a bit too dark ! Still some nice pictures though ! Let me know what you think !!

These where taken on my second Photo day out with my buddy Rob-Rob aka Rodeo-Rob aka the one shot-masterpiece picture maker !! So here ya go ... Ladies and gentlemen ... For your eyes , behold !! A selection of shots from HKRoll number 3 ... The shots of the hour !!

LOMO-Fisheye + Neopan 1600 + HONG KONG STREETS

Luv 'em !

Also in the news today ... To all the girls out there , the missies , the missus and the little misses , the darlings , the dolls , the ladies and the dames , the hotties and the gorgeous , the loves , the luvs and to all the princesses out there , a happy girl's day !

Plog ya later , Plog supporters of the globes !


Happy Kimo said...

That´s a hole lot of sick photos... some of them looks like they are from another planet.
Nice shooting Mr. Canon

kyle hutton said...

i hate traveling with film above 800iso as somehow i always manage to forget i have it when going through security at the airport and it gets scanned and ruined.

those shots turned out really well though, and make me want to go out tomorrow and shoot the roll of 1600 i have in my fridge.