Baron in the sky

Behold !! Freiherr Richthofen strikes again !

Today's dog fight !! Some lines , some black and a bit of colour too ! 3 hours worth on the dot for this new half sleeve ! Keep an eye on this one in the months to come for some background to match !! I have great visions of super grand and dramatic cloudy sky stuff !!! However , for now ... All ya get to see is the actual actions of the said flying ace !! Don't really know which one of his 75 confirmed / 100 not confirmed kills these'll be ? but they sure count !

Hard luck over the western front !

Unlike the very last words of the Baron "kaputt" , my customer of the day held on pretty well and lets me imagine a possible complete finishing of the whole sleeve on the next session ! That'd be a first !! A half sleeve in two shots ... But , I think , a possible outcome none the less !!

However , also in the news today ! >>>>> Not one but two cakes were brought to the shop today !! Hurra for double super cake Fridays !! One from the Baron himself the other from my darling !!! In a few minutes my long not seen friends from GBG will be landing for the weekend and to help me finish all this cake !!! Hurra !

Cake Number one !! Chocolate wonder !!

Cake Number two !! Cheesecake surprise !!

Now if you don't mind ... I have to do some liver push-ups before my friends get here !! For I'm afraid I might be out of practice for the weekend to come !!!

Farewell for now , post ya later Plog followers of the world and remember !


Martin said...

That's an awesome piece, buddy!

Unknown said...

im just gonna pretend the two cakes were in celebration of wren from beyonds birthday...the end xo

Flora Amalie said...

I missed Miriams cheesecake?
Life suddenly don't seem worth living anymore...