Snow tears !

More and more winter pieces nowadays , wouldn't you say !? Here's today's snow shoulder !!

A blast for me ... A few tears for Mr. 4 seasons !! 4 and a bit hours of liner and shader and then liner again and again , all on the sweet part of the body known as the shoulder to some ... But also as Lucifer's anvil to others !! But well worth it if you ask me !!! Wait till tomorrow to ask him though ! More and more background without lines too !! Having a ball with that as well !! That tree is like magic ! I love how it came out !! And then ... Just went crazy with the snowflakes !! See ! See , Jesse !! I can do it without outlines too , just like you said !!

More tat-a-rama action tomorrow !!

Stay tuned for more and wear a scarf if you go out , you'll catch a cold if you don't !! Except of course if you happen to live in Australia !! Then have a nice Summer day in St-Kilda !!

Later !


Flora Amalie said...

Mmmm, love the snow.
And the fox!

Jesse Smith said...

You rock Homie:)

TsT Headquarters said...

Can I say Masterpiece ??? Fais attention aux machines !!!

Julia Seizure said...

awesome. cant wait til it arrives. no rush but lemme know when u send it so i know kinda when to expect it, coz we share a mailbox with the whole building....!
i'll send ya some goodies soon, lil' box o' HK good stuff!

igl said...

Ha, i can do that snowflakes much more better than you, ... better than enybody ! whuaaaa, whuaaa...a !

Anonymous said...

looks great so far sik snowflakes