Gold !

Well ... When I said Never , no more neck pieces for me , yesterday !! I meant starting from after tomorrow !! Yep ... Mhm ! Check it out Mr.Bobby got his Rose on his neck and it's looking gold !!

2 and a bit , hours worth and it looks damn good !! Happy I went to fill with that yellow at the end too !! A few tears of pain and a bit of colour ... And that's what happened yesterday on Chapel street !

Today ... More taddooing will be done !! Last piece at the Chapel shop and the last day in Melbourne !! Am looking forward to get back to my little rainy island now !! It's true !! Cuz you see ... I actually work a lot less when I'm working !! And end up working way more on vacation !! Weird !! So yeah ! Looking forward to get back to work for some relaxing time !!

Plog ya later !


Anonymous said...

lovethat rose real nice!

Jesse Smith said...

Damn! That yellow is poppin!!

Happy Kimo said...

Thats a sweet piece!

Anonymous said...

i didn't cry at all ;)