The day's worth !

This young lady sure loves her cloud !!

Started this one a few months ago and never really finished it ! Until today ... Was just doodling on some other pieces and found this one , lost and forgotten , under a pile ! Gave her an hour or two and finished her up !

Hope ya like !

Also from the news room today >>>>> If these few posts are not enough for ya ... Then check out my new posts and what else is new at the shop !!

Stay fresh !


Flora Amalie said...

Oh, i don't like, i LOVE!
I mean, really love!!

Ps. awesome powerbloggin!

Jesse Smith said...

Wow Nick! This one is dope! I'd ask you for it, but then you'd give it to me and then I'd be two paintings in debt. So I'll just wait till I get caught up and snag one of your next bangers. I know there will be a ton more poppin out of that nug of yours! You rock Homie!

ZAK said...

One of my all-time favourites.

igl said...

i luv that cloud 2, man !!!

Jesse Smith said...

So I was thinkin today that you should do a series of these cloud hugger chix! Maybe like a set of 5 or something. I really dig this concept!!!