Ahoy !

The day's taddoo !!

This sailor's out on the town Tonight !! Did he just happen to stumble on an old friend or is he off his head on this here sweet whisky !? Who knows , but he's having a good time , that he is !! Amsterdam's always been nice to him !!

A sweet one , let me tell ya !! Spent 5 hours on this today and almost finished it !! The fishtail's the only thing left and will be done this Summer in Copenhagen when we come around and add up to the scene ! More of the A'dam will be added with maybe just maybe a canal or two !! Stay tuned for more of this sweet piece !!

It's nice being here , in Melbourne ! The weather's calmed down to a more human level and this workation is actually going down sweetly !! Few more taddoings to come in the next couple of days ... With a ... No no !! I'll keep it a secret !!

Plog ya later , mates !!

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Anonymous said...

You killed that background, man!