Yeti strikes back !!

On the way out of San Diego ... Part one !

Yesterday was a full day at the shop indeed ! First in line >>>> A few minutes of touch-ups on the zombie mermaid from last year !! Check it out ! After a bit of extra blending here and there , we got it all wrapped up and good to go !! Next in line >>>> The piece of the day !! A vengeful Yeti striking back at some evil commie zombies , you say ? Why yes ! That's exactly what I did !!! Here's how it went for 4 and a half hours !! K K Ka-ching ! Love love love this crazy piece ! Was a hard long day but that picture at the end made it all worth it >>>

Gold I tell ya !!! Kablam - Bye bye mister head ! You didn't need that anyways , zombie fiend !!!! Yeti's on top of this situation !!

... True story !!

After a long day at the office ... Last night of hang out time with the homies and home-ettes was in order !! Guinness , Thai food , Guinness and then a bunch of pints of Guinness ! Good stuff !!! Always a good time in SD !!!

Part two of episode "On the way out of San Diego" in a flash !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick.

This is POLALA!...his is POLALA!...
We almost have that place...it seems like we are going to have it from September 3 months off charge. 15 of Sept. we should pay deposit....and that is all...just waiting for papers to sign...

...say HELLO to America! from us and Pola (she is US citizen)...so we have part of it here...

...hugs and kisses from Maria too... CIAO!

Flora Amalie said...

Nice yeti dude!!

Oh, and is the coffee place moving?
Where to?