Late night at the shop ...

More south west NAmerican coast tat-action madness !!

Here's the tat-post you were waiting for !! Two last days worth of shop action ...

First of all ... Yesterday's work ! Let's just say it didn't go as planned ! Buddy had a hard time on his neck and well ... Kinda sucks he didn't make it but I know it's not the best spot to get anything done !!! Here's how far we got ! 2 hours worth ! Mat's gonna have to wait now ... Unless a trip to Denmark is all he ever wished for and finishing his neck , the best excuse to go and finally see the little mermaid !!

And then , and then ... Today ... Chille-dog came back down to get the other side of his lower arm done !! We had done an interstellar squadron leader in action , last year ... Check it out !! This year we did some more space rad mega action !!! Monkey pilot captain here got shot down and is having a rough day at enemy zapping work !! Let's just say , he's seen better days than this one ! For your viewing plog-o-matic pleasure !! Behold , another super one-shot >>>>>

You're starting to know the drill ... Red/Black

And the finale ... 5 hours worth !

Kablammo !

More tat-a-matic San Diego magic tomorrow !! Until then , have a gay old time , wherever you are !


art skull tattoo said...

Ouaip mon gars, pour la skull, elle est geniale, TERRIFIC, putain le danemark ça fait loin bordel, et pis fait froid la bas en plus !!!!

Simon said...

you were way overdue for a monkey tat! great stuff... gotta read up on your website, kinda forgot how i get a spot to get some ink ;)

Anonymous said...

Your work simply leaves me breathless. Im a huge fan.