United States of SAN DIEGO !

Made it through , just fine ! For some reason I had a lot more extra weird paperwork to fill in than I usually do but I made it through none the less with no special searches that leave you psychologically scarred for years to come ! And now as a sharp contrast ... Here I am in the land where everybody's nice to you !! I don't know if it's a general American thing or more of a West coast thing but it's pretty weird for someone who's been living in Scandinavia for a few years now ! Don't get me wrong , I love it !! I just never really seem to get used to it !! Keep it up !!

AAAAWEsome !!

For those concerned >>>>>

449 University Ave.

Right back at work ! Tomorrow's a tat-a-matic-action day !! Let's see what happens then !!!

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Mia said...

Haha, so true, San Diego people are amazing ;]
Best wishes to all my San Diego friends xD