Dirty purples !

FiveTwo times Two !

Right back at work yesterday !! Behind my FiveTwo desk , this time !!! It had been a while since I worked at Craig's (5 years to be exact) and I'm glad to see it's still kept the same little tattoo magic as last time , back in the day , back up in Ottawa !
First in line was the Medusa piece I had started last year ! We had done all the lines and black last time I was down here and now some colour was needed !! A year , Nate thought , was long enough without any colour ! So that's just what he got !!! Here's how it went ... Now remember , even though all the lines and black healed perfectly fine , the colour is new so it all looks half fresh , half healed !! You know the drill !! However , Nate promised me a picture in about a month and that one should look much better !! With the black back out again and the colour all settled ! Forgive the glares too ....

Don't look into her eyes !!!!!!

More tat-action tonight !!!! And then some chill-out time tomorrow !!!

ROCK !!!


Eric said...

wow, craig's shop looks great.

art skull tattoo said...

merci pour les photos et genial la table a dessin avec vue sur la rue, good idea !!!!

igl said...

yes, very cool studio, and of course tattoo !!!