Pale justice !

The day's doings !!

RAAAaaaaa ... Corruption is a hot cop ! You heard me !! A hot skank of a cop !! Here's how it went today >>>> Red for me Black for him ...

4 hours later ...

Needless to explain this one , I think ! You got the idea ... ! I love the row of spooks in the back (They could also be evil politicians ... Up to you ) !! Oh and , to all of you who aren't from around here (Copenhagen) , the two crumbling institutions in front of everything are the Parliament tower on the left and the supreme court on the right ! All broken .... Is there a message here ? Should I read between the lines !?!? Anywho ... Stay tuned for some sweet sweet colour indeed as soon as I get back !!

Tomorrow ... Spy training , I'm afraid and maybe some doodles afterwards ! Evil never ever sleeps !!


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