More stripes !!

Today's tropical , colour delight !!

More colour was achieved today , on this paradise beach sleeve !! Flower action , to be precise ! We were missing a few , down in the sweet spot that is the elbow and ditch !! A sweet spot indeed ! This piece is one or two sessions from being done and is gonna look hella-sweet wen it gets all done and pretty pictures are taken !!! Here's the day's tattoo picture ! Same same ... You're starting to know the drill by now ... Half healed + half fresh = not the best shots ! However , had to include some of what we did last time too ... Cuz it just looks so damn good ! Enjoy !

Flower power !

In other news ... Tomorrow is more tattoos day ! But also ... Post office day ! So yall's stuff is gonna be on it's way tomorrow , at the crack of noon !!!

Rock !!


Julia Seizure said...

ok. sent off ur package today, hope it gets there before u leave coz it'll just get sent back, and i dont think i wanna have to explain to the poor unloved package the reasons for being shipped halfway across the world only to be left....uncollected.
so there's something or you, something for Allan & wife (don't worry, u'll know which one, let's just say y'all wont be fighting over it!) and something for you again or just the Studio in general.
and lemme know when n if it arrives safe n sound!

Tanane Whitfield said...

holy shit!!! that's some dope work, man.

Flora Amalie said...

I like crazy striped flowers!