Bacon cake !!

Today's tattoo ... Today !!

The music lab came back for some sweet colour making action , today and that's exactly what happened !! We went at it for just over 6 and a half hours and .... Wooooo !! Wait a minute , Nick !!!! Did you just say more than 6 hours !?!? That means ... That means that ... Absolutely !!! A new name just made it up top the list ! A new trooper is born and grabbed the ever so desired by many , reached by few title of "Trooper" !! Good job , mate !!! So here's what today's trooper session looked like ... In pretty purples and lightning yellows !!

Music making is hard work , let me tell ya !!! More (and most probably the last session) in October !!! Is gonna look good on the web-site when it's all done !!

More tomorrow !! Until then ... Remember to add some bacon when you bake a cake !! It's just not the same without it !!

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