University Ave. !

Still alive !! All is good down here on the south west coast !! No Mexican zombie sightings yet but fear not , faithful Ploggers , I am staying alert !!

Here's one of yesterday's doodles ! Doodled at the FIVETWO drawing table !! Nice to see the recipe stays the same !! Put a few good artist friends at a FIVETWO drawing table after hours and you have a great drawing party !!!! Just like in them olden days !

Nice to get so inspired again !!!

More stuff tonight !! Tat's too !!


art skull tattoo said...

Putain on voit effectivement que l´inspiration est revenus au grand galop, ça pete, bravo !!!

Tanane Whitfield said...

I would really like to buy this from you!!! I wanna buy, frame it and keep it in my lil loft studio for inspiration! Please hit me back if that is at all possible! Here's me email: Sarcasm.Button@gmail.com. Thanks, homie!!