Gang related !!

Been busy ...

Here's a quick doodle of one of the last super rad hang out sessions !! Lots of that has been happening lately !! Beers and friends on a driveway or at a show !! Getting to see some friends , old and new and just being able to shoot the shit and talk art geek crap !! Good times !! Have been drawing a lot for the last few days !! Lots in everybody's sketchbooks but also in mine !! Will be posting some tomorrow with the ta ta tattoo action of the day too ... Cuz tomorrow's back at the office time ! 3 days of pain inflicting and that'll be it for San Diego , this year !!!

It is truly always amazing to come down and hang out and get inspired down here !!!

Also in the news >>>>> A gazillion e-mails have been received for the next session bookings (September/October) !! It'll just most probably take me a few more days to sort it all out , find a second somewhere where there is internet and answer you all !! However , I can tell you this ... September is already overbooked so it's all October from now !!

Plog ya tomorrow with more unbelievable adventures of Me in NAmerica !!!

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Flora Amalie said...

Sounds like good times!!
We've been über busy at the shop (you wouldn't believe how many people can actually fit into our tiny copenhagen cave!), but now we're off for a few weeks.
It's gonna be sweet!

Thanks for the text last night, it was good to hear from you!!