The other , other side of the world !

Landed just about in one piece ! After a not so bad flight over the pond with an unexpected good friend sitting next to me for the ride and a few bottles of courtesy wine ... Here's where I ended up and will be hanging out for the next few days !!

Weird to see so many trees all together in the same place !

To all my fellow compatriots , on this special day ... Une tres bonne fête Nationale !!


De Hoed said...

Have fun buddy. Dat geldt ook voor jou Slick Nick!

igl said...

hell, where are you? cast away, searching 4 wilson,... i´ll hope for you that there is no disco with too loud technomusic in the hood ! i´m sorry for your lost baggage ! :-(

slicknick said...

you stalker!! see you on friday in montreal. dinner and drinks for sure!!
good friend. ;)

and hi from guen.