Head in the clouds ...

Getting ready to leave soon !! Been double checking all my lists and it really feels like I'm forgetting to do stuff ... Damn , I hate that feeling ! Oh well ... I hope I figure it out before the plane leaves !!

I'll be leaving on Monday coming up and won't be back till the 8th of September !! So if you absolutely had to see me before I left , This week's the week ! I'll be at the shop from 2 till late from tomorrow till Saturday !! One last day of packing and taking care of stuff on Sunday and then off I go !!

Also had to close the Pick Ture Box while I'm away ! I'll reopen as soon as I get back on the 8th of September !! In the mean time , while on my next adventures ... For those of you out there who happen to be anywhere near the following locations ... You're always welcomed to drop by and chill and bring some coffee (Double espresso black black for me , thanks) !!

SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 20th -21st - Guest spot at Fivetwo
SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 23rd -24th - Crashing the SDComicon
SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 27th -29th - Guest spot at Fivetwo again
LOS ANGELES ,CA - August 1st -2nd - Guest spot at Tabu Tattoo
SAN FRANCISCO ,CA - August 5th -6th - Guest spot at OneShot Tattoo
SAN FRANCISCO ,CA - August 10th -11th - Guest spot at OneShot Tattoo
Back to Europe , the long way ...
ROTTERDAM - September 1st - 5th - Guest spot at 25 to life

Post ya tomorrow with some more of these tattoos that I do !!!


Simon said...

have fun and bring some orios ;)

De Hoed said...

Have a super good trip and see you in Rotterdam the 2'nd of september!

Unknown said...

Hope you have a great trip and i promised so say hi! from the rubber lady ;)

Anonymous said...

are you writing in Swedish now, nick?