Bobby buttons and the San Diego mermaids

More Guinness , more tacos !! ... And lots of dirty doodles too !

As I was once called "The Pussy Drawer" And like all other good self respecting "Pussy Drawers" should , lately , I've been busy drawing pussy ! Don't ask me why ... These are things that , from time to time , just happen in one sexploitation doodler's sketchbook !! Here's a few of the last days hanging out time doodles !

Some non-photographed sketches in other homies sketchbooks were pretty rad too !!

It has been good times indeed , down here , as always !!! Lots of chilling and doodling !!! Here's a few web available new and old SD hang out friends for ya to check out !!The Craig-meister , The rockin' Konger , Little miss Cristina , The Kevin aka Kevin , The Silk screening rabbits , Mister Greger and some other dudes I can't seem to find on the net !!!

Rockin' stuff !

More in the days to come !!!! Hey , maybe even later tonight !!!


Tanane Whitfield said...

How are you drawin this fast?!

Anonymous said...

I love your doodles! What kind of color/pencils do you use when you draw them?