Back to civilization !

Montreal's a great place ! Def. one of NAmerica's jewels ! I partly grew up here for a few years and have a lot of good stories about it ! I just happen to have a personal grudge with this town which tried to put me to the streets (and almost succeeded) 3 times in a row ! I always seemed to get stuck here , every time I came back , and it was so incredibly hard to get the hell out again ! Let's just say it's far from being as easy as Copenhagen living ! ... I eventually gave up on the whole town but it's def. always nice to drop by and a good spot to hang for a few days !!! Enough with the personal slice of life !!! Here's an exact reproduction of what I look like and how I just got here ! >>>> For your viewing pleasure !!!


Unknown said...

Aww I miss Montreal and you! they kinda go hand in hand in my brain. Hope you had / are having a great time. xo

Unknown said...

I wanna go back, have a nice one

ick said...

où est-ce que t'es ??
je viens te rejoindre pour un verre !
ton numero "montrealais" est encore bon ??