Section "A"

From the home office , today !!

A bunch of stuff was successfully achieved today !

First of all , I'm pleased to say that the new and improved Central Command Head Quarters , where I work , doodle and conduct my many international secret intelligence and counter intelligence operations has been completed !! No pictures today but as soon as last batch of laundry is all dry and it all looks good and pro , I promise a shot or two ! Also in the news today ... I have finally managed to upload and have the new prints ready on the E.P.T.B. !! Check 'em out when you get a second !! An actual picture of them is on the way !! And finally ... Here's something I got in my mail a few days ago ! It's always nice when people take time to do these !! Thanks Craig !

Will be booking for this spot , all the other NAmerican spots (San Diego/Los Angeles/San Francisco/Richmond,VA) and the Rotterdam week , next Monday so get your e-mails ready if you're into that sort of thing !!

More news tomorrow , now back to work !

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