strato-militaro-intimidation as a desperate means !

Fancy shmancy title today , eh !! You impressed !?

You'll have to forgive me , I've been reading about Africa all day again ! This time about it's post colonial history and much coveted resources ! I thought I knew quite a bit on the subject already but I found out a lot more today !! I like finding out stuff (must be spy reflex) ! However , worry no longer !! I'll spare you the endless politico-post !!

This post is not about the state of the world but about tomorrow !! What's tomorrow , you might ask ?? It's the day I open July and August for bookings !

And that means : 1 : that all regulars and pieces that need continuing should normally write me for a spot ! However , I'll be traveling quite a bit during these two months , in fact I'll be out and about all of these two months ! So ... No Copenhagen spots to give this time ! Next call on the 25th of July for spots in September/October ! Lots of spots then and a new batch of new pieces will be started too !

However still (I love writing that) : 2 : Anyone interested in a spot for my U.S. trip should write to me starting tomorrow !!
Here's how it goes :
5 spots in San Diego (20-21st & 27-28-29th of July)
2 spots in Los Angeles (1-2nd of August)
4 spots in San Francisco (5-6th & 10-11th of August)

Sorry to say I've had no choice but to cancel Richmond ,VA !! Super sorry but there just isn't enough time for all I want to do this time around and travel arrangements got way way too complicated !!

Anyone interested in a U.S. spot should send me : Idea , Size and placement (One shots please please !!) and if I get booked up if you want to be on the cancelation list for that spot (Phone number) !

I'll take a 120 U.S. deposit through Paypal from everyone after we got the appointment sorted !

Please let me know if you have any questions at all : pick@electricpick.com !
M m more stuff later !!


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Monster Sid said...

hey! best regards from HK!
i just get my souvenir tattoo on ribs and i am packing my ass back to europe ;]

no wonder you are here regularly!
but my advice - do not travel alone ;]