HMS Verysmall (S32)

Guess the British Navy's had to downsize a bit ... With the current economic crisis and all !!

One of the day's doodles ... Don't ask !! I guess I like to draw chicks on stuff ! And then I really like all that "Cold war nuclear Submarine" stuff too so , it was only a mater of time till I drew a girl on one of these ! I get phases ... Stuff I like comes out and I draw it everywhere for a while !! Trumpets were pretty big a few months ago and trams are also a big pointer once in a while !! Oh well ... Might start seeing a few of these submarines for a while !! Maybe even one near you !?

Today's activities included drawing , eating , having lots of coffee and very soon , sleeping !! A wonderful day of doing nothing productive !! However , back to work on the book tomorrow for a long day of page making !! Wish me luck !!

Until then ... Don't drink and drive !! Later !

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