Rock steady !

Right back at the office today !!

Here's what happened !! The devil chick crew that hangs out under the bridge dropped by for some cool colour action !! An oil drum was the perfect excuse for a hard light and I've been into pure yellow lately so ... It was obvious !! Here's almost 5 hours worth of yellow and oh ... That wonderful mess of colours when your done dipping all over your ink caps !! That has to be the best colours always ! At least I think so !!! You see ... I work only in CMYK+ White with my colours so it always starts out pretty clean but after a while all the whites and yellows get all dirty from the inks that you mixed them with to get your secondary tones and you end up with spontaneous rough dirty colours that mix so well with each other !! So yeah ! That's exactly what happened for the whole background today !!! Here it is ...

Love that ... Purplegreypeachpinkredolivebrowntanwhite !! Specially with some blue grey next to it !!

A new one gets started tomorrow so keep an eye on the Plog tomorrow night , if you're in to that sort of thing !!



tommy.skott said...

wow, amazing!


igl said...

holy devil, very nice !