Satellite phone !!

... Wish I had one !! Wouldn't know what to do with it but it sure sounds cool !!

But in other news ... Here's the day's doodle !!

I'm def. not a pro in these situations but I think he's in love !!

Will she ever notice him ?? I think he's heading for some rough times but hey ... You never know ! Maybe she has a thing for mini dudes !!

However , in the rest of the world ... Today's book making has not been as productive as yesterday's !! Hope tomorrow will be better !!

Laters skaters !!

And remember Allan ... Applications/Utility/Disk Utility !!


TF Commander Thomas said...

Its ok Pick... im sure theres alot of girls, that like mini dudes... on big bikes

Jesse Smith said...

I hope chicks dig mini dudes :'(

Unknown said...

I love thissssss!

igl said...

what is it ? is that thing a pice of soap with cap or ... ?

chris, pa,usa said...

pretty cool