Daily feed !

Headlines of the day !!

"Prints in motion: Printer" True story !! My 2 brand spanking new prints will be ready and all good to go live at the shop on Monday and available for e-purchase on the EPTB on Tuesday !! boooooya !

"Rotterdam gets visit date" Also a true story !! Have finally figured out a good week to go and visit my Dutch friends in the R'dam !! Will be there in September from the 1st till the 6th !! Limited dates will be available and anyone is welcomed to enquire at this time but will only start booking these dates from the 25th of May !! Also ... I have a few people in line with priorities so it should get booked hella-quick !

"Inbox a big mess: Inbox" Also a true story !! Have been lagging a bit behind lately and apologies for the delay !! Will only get time tomorrow night to sort the mess , however , I promise everyone a response by tomorrow night at the latest (CET) !!

"World's smallest gummy bear, not a legend" Also very true !! I just found the world's smallest ever gummy bear a second ago in my bag of gummy bears !! However I could not resist the temptation and ate it , thereby regrettably destroying all evidence of it !!

I'll be back at the office tomorrow ... A new piece gets started and more more news gets posted !!
Until then ... Keep it real and keep it stra├če !!
Rock !

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Flora Amalie said...

You just had gummy bears last night.
So busted!