Bizlidy !

Here's the day's tat-action doings !

The Br'er rabbit came back for some sweet sweet colours ! We continued the crazy yellow (which might look a bit bloody here) and did all of the main scene ! Looks damn good if ya ask me ! Next session in July when we'll attach both stories (Rabbit on the bottom and the peach on top) and make them a sleeve !! We'll probably add some houses in the town , inside the arm and then it should be all good to go ! After the touch-ups , that is !! Here it is .... The day's session , for your viewing pleasure !!

Magic yellow Rocks !

Also just thought of something today ! If any of you out there in NAmerica want one of my T-shirts or prints , while I'm out there , let me know and I'll bring em to ya ! Whether you get tattooed or not .... You'll be mad saving on the shipping !

More action tomorrow !!
Rock !


CT:Mars said...

Really amazing Nick. It's all coming together beautifully! This is Jan btw.

Flora Amalie said...



I'm thinking to z's and two e's, cause... why not?