Zero vision !

Welcome welcome !

The last few days have been pretty busy with running around town , super secret spy operation stuff and birthday parties !! Not much time for anything else , I'm afraid !! However , (this was supposed to be posted yesterday) the new "Cloud hugger" and "Messenger" prints have arrived from the printer's and they look mighty fine let me tell ya !!! Have just had the time to unpack them quickly and have a glance at them but I must say I'm impressed !! The paper is absolutely awesome and well ... They look good ! Will have them on the E.P.T.B. later tonight or tomorrow at the latest !! Here's a look at 'em !

Both of them are limited to 50 pieces / Will obviously never reprint them / Will be hand signed and numbered and are available from the E.P.T.B. or at the shop , live !!
Price is 250 DKK (At the moment that's about : Euro=34 .. UK=30 .. US=45 .. HK=350)

Let me know what you think and check out the Picture Box tomorrow if ya want one !!

More news tomorrow ! Until then ... Show your colours !!!


Jesse Smith said...

30 bux!!! That's a steal!!


Sorry buddy ! More like 45$ !! Just cleared it up !! However , I'm sure we can come to an understanding with your new prints !!