The space guitar ...

... Is not a myth !!

However , here's what happened today >>>>>

Started a new half sleeve and did them lines up and down all day !! See ... What's happening here is that this is the actual lab where music is made !! True story ! See ... It would be stupid to assume that music can be made from scratching strings or pressing some keys on a piano !! That's just plain silly ! You see , the actual sounds have to be recorded and therefore made somewhere ! True ! And this is the place where real life monsters and creatures of all sorts are squeezed and pressed to make the actual sounds that are later built in to instruments !! Yes ... True ! You didn't know that ? Well now you do ! Here's how we started it !

25 minutes of marker action ! Red for me ... Black for him !

And at the end of the day ... After almost 5 hours of lining and power lining !

That light at the top and the music notes will be only colour so ... No lines yet !! Next session on this here fine piece will be in early July so check it out if you wanna see it all coloured and stuff !!

In other news of the day ! I just found out from a safe source (me being a spy and all) that apparently , none other than the Rotterdam police department appear to be followers of the Electric Plog !! Damn right ! Interesting news indeed !! So with this new information in mind ... To all the Plog following dutch boys and girls in blue out there ... Ik heet u van harte welkom !!

More tat-action-reaction-magna-mega-super-stuff and stuff tomorrow !

Rock !