M M Movies !

Look what I just found !!

Am going through lots and lots of old stuff again (book making) and ran into this a few hours ago ! A mini m m movie , filmed when I was last down in SKorea for my buddies Miss June and Mister Jeremy aka Phoenix XIV's wedding !! This m m movies is a true story based on real life events and was filmed with a hand held camera to amplify the realisticness of the true events !! Oh and I'm the lead role too !!

In other news .... Photoshop , Illustrator , InDesign and gigs of old stuff have been my only companions for the last few days so I'm shutting it all down in a sec to go and see some long lost friends (Phil whom I haven't seen since last Saturday and Guinness since just as long !) at the pub !!

Plog ya tomorrow with some tat-magic action straight from the office of grinding !!

Later !!


Flora Amalie said...

Aw, you made strange little friends!

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