Astro Jebus day !

Happy Astro Jebus day to all !!

Now I just hope the stores will open again before next Monday !!! You gots to stop with all these Jebus days , guys !!! It's getting worst than in Utah or SKorea (never been to Utah by the way - Just a cliché I love using) !!

But in other news ... Here's what happened today >>>>>>>>

The Hollywood ish/L.A. ish rock dude sleeve came back for some more !! We had it all scratched up and half lined last time but last time was a while ago and well ... The scratches faded quicker than I had thought !! But no problem , mate ! Let's just draw it up again ! So first shot is a few minutes of marker action (Guess it's becoming a new habit to post these but I like the way it looks with the red and black lines) !! And then a few hours of work later with the lines all done up and some black in the sky ! Orange lines for the downtown quarter ... Yes sir ! See ... Cuz ... This is my new master plan for this piece ... The city's gonna super glow like woo !!! Yes indeed ! "You're crazy Nick !!!!" you might be thinking !? Well ... It's gonna look awesome when I'm done with it , let me tell ya !!!! Next time .... You wait and see ... Next time !!!

Red for me - Black for him !

Lines and lines and black !

More tat-a-thon tomorrow ! Stay tuned , don't play golf under a thunderstorm and remember to open your store tomorrow ... Please !!! Pretty please !

Rock !

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Flora Amalie said...

What the what?
Word stealer!