A sky for the Baron !

Here's yesterday's story !!

The Red Baron came back for a sky and that's just what he got ! Now now ... Don't get all excited !! We didn't finish it just yet ! We still got some contrast and blending to do on what we did yesterday (cloudy stuff and sky) !! The new zeppelin is most probably gonna get some kind of colour outline ! The French planes are yet to be filled in and also the ground part ! So ... Another session to come before the flying ace is complete !! But for now ... Have a look at the session's worth ! 4 hour's worth !

Love the turquoise !!

And imagine my surprise when ... In with the Baron came a bag of homemade m m muffins ! Delishhh ! Home baked goods are always more than welcomed at the Conspiracy !! Hurra !

More Plog action tonight , Until then ... Stay safe !


Miss C. said...

After a muffin this big, this little tooth is gonna need a major clean up ... haha.
Any plans on coming down to Mexico? Come on, all the sicks are dead already, so no worries about the flu :D

Simon said...

will i get further up the waitinglist if i promise ninja cake and spy cookies? :))

Martin said...

I absolutely love that piece!