The autistic bottle and the bipolar bear ...

... Are two very real facts of the cruelty of mother nature !

However , that won't stop the animal kingdom from taking back the planet !! Here's what today's session looks like ! A lot of different shades of brown and a bit of green too ! This raging Pan-riot will be continued in July for a pre-final session !!

Also in the news today ... Just found out that I'm officially all out of Large T-shirts from the last batch of "Show your colours" shirts !! Also found out (almost simultaneously) that I have a few XL's ... Not much but a few of each !! Imagine my surprise !! So if you're into that sort of thing ... Then check out Da Box or let me know !!

And lastly but not leastly (can you say that ? Cuz if you can't ... Booya !!! I just invented a new word !!! So smart !) Anyways ... Wanted to say thanks to all the good (Very good) people out there who have rushed to the new prints !!!!!!!!! Hope you like them as much as I do and send me a picture when you get them all framed up and looking good !! Would be nice to post on the Plog !!!

Take care out there and see ya tomorrow for some more tattoo stuff posting to find out what happens in the next chapter of the wonderful adventures of Baron Manfred von Richthofen !!


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