Sad whale !

Good day good day !

Today's happenings include a few things !! True story ! First ... The earth came back for a final glance !! Healed up perfect after a few touch-ups and all good to go ! Here's a quick final shot of it for your viewing pleasure !!

And here's the work of the day !! The angel sleeve came back for yet another shot of colour ! From the ... Well ... The future !! Yes it's true ! My customer of the day is actually from the future , however , it's a long story and has absolutely nothing to do with this here story so ... Forget I ever mentioned it ... !!
This sleeve is a sweet one indeed !! Every session changes this piece more and more !! I love the soft colours and the overall soft everything about it !! The day's session includes that ribbon thing , a few remixes and softening of some background spots and some hair too !! One more session of colour and detail work to finalize this piece and then a last last one for some touch-ups !! Here are a few close-ups ... Having a hard time taking a picture of it , that's all I could manage for today's post !

"Kisses from angels"

More stuff happened today but I'll save some of the news for tomorrow's post !! Can't have it all at once !! So Plog ya later with more news and maybe some illustration too if I can find the time for it (been really busy with some super spy stuff lately ... More news on that soon !)

Take care out there and if you ever happened to be questioning yourself one fine evening , sipping your cognac , facing the fireplace in your favourite couch on a cool cloudy spring night about the possibility of time travel ... Well it works !! Trust me !! I know a guy who does it like all the time ! Later !

Rock !


Anonymous said...

what size needle do you use for your lining?

Unknown said...

Very cool sleeve!
Time travel, please lemme know how to get back to 1993!

Mr shaky said...

The secret about time travel is the mullet, there i said it! The mullet!

And thanks for a good day full of laughs nick(and allan)