Down at the harbour !!

The day's work >>>>>

Today , at the office , I started a new piece ! And well , that hasn't happened in a while so I decided to take pictures throughout the session and post them all on this post ... A step by step , if you like ! No reason why ... Just felt like it !

First , however , you must know that if you're not from around here (The rainy island kingdom) , that this is a scene in the Copenhagen harbour !! All buildings pictured are official buildings and in the right order too !! So , with no further delay , now that that's cleared up , here's the step by step picture action of the day's tat-action super session !!

First the doodle ! 20 minutes (Red for me / Black for the customer)

Then the scratches !! 24 minutes (That's when some people , never admitting it , sometimes are a bit scared)

Then the lines ! About 3 hours (Usually people start to be more confident after they see a few of these lines)

And then , just a bit of black !! About half an hour (This is a cool part where everything turns to 3D)

Stay tuned for the final installments of this series of the Copenhagen harbour creature Vs John , sometime near the end of June !!

More doodles tomorrow !! Later !


Monster Sid said...

haha! its totally crazy!
i love to see peoples faces after scratching.. anyway i have to explain them why why why..
so.. maybe we should print some "scratch information" fliers? ;]

Anonymous said...

looks dope as usual mang. love seeing the process too. only been tattooing since december, but i look up to guys like you and because of that i'll be a doper artist.

p.s. i never would have thought to bloodline the whole thing first clean it up then line. cool shit.

Jesse Smith said...

You are the dopest tattoo artist in the WORLD!!! You rock homie;)

Mixen said...


De Hoed said...

Buddy, so cool, once again. When I post a comment I always say the same but I really can't say anything else cause it is AWESOME!
And yes, the scratches made me scared as well... they hurt! :)

chris, pa,usa said...

looks great love the progression through pics

Unknown said...

That is sooooo cooool, very very nice piece