Damn right , I'm on a mission !!

One of the day's doodles !! In my flying office ... It's kind of like an escape pod that comes out from the roof of my C.C.H.Q.! I used to use it more often back in the days when I had just moved to Denmark ... Nowadays I take the bus ... That thing uses way to much gas and is way to bad for the environment !! And it also really freaks out people !! For emergencies only now !!

However , on an other note , been very busy this week (as usual) but add a few dreadful deadlines for a few imposing bills and I turn into a stress ball with an unhealthy mix of "bummed-out fever" for realising that I'm always broke and defiance for not wanting to give up anything I put on my plate (which is directly linked to the said first problem) ! Ya ... So ... Anyways ... Am having one of those weeks this week and I can't wait for it to be over and start a new week !!

However , still ... Here's a few answers to a few questions I've had lately >>>>>

-Absolutely ! There are a few more spots left for the next NAmerican trip !
-Indeed ! Free-hand work only since 1998 !
-2 kinds , that's it ! Real tight 9 liners for lines and some colour too - and 9 mags for colour and shading !
-I've switched completely to Eternal Ink about a year ago and I work in CMYK+W (some dark blue/some red/black/lots of yellow and lots more white) However , have been cheating lately and started using a bit of purple and green too !!
-2 days a week ! The rest of the time I also work but on Illustration stuff (which is way more work for way less dough) and on my book anytime I can ! (when there are no special spy assignments of course)
-Yes , very much so !!! Breakfast is the best meal ever and I more often than not have one at the end of the day (best served with a pint of Guinness)
-Waiting list for new tattoo pieces in Copenhagen is approx. 9 months to a year now !
-Oh and absolutely , Simon ! I'll take home baked bribes anytime !!!!

Also in the news >>>>>>> Just got news from station "S" that an important spy operation is imminent !!! Don't know when and don't know where and can't write too much about it now either but something big that's for sure !! Might miss a few Plog days sometime in the weeks to come ! More news soon !

P.s. Just so you know , top one wasn't mine !! One of these is enough !!

Tats tomorrow ... And maybe a breakfast after work too !!
Rock !!

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Anonymous said...

That egg, beans and sausage plate could be a kick ass tattoo motif ;) Do you do cover ups?