Nothing is simple !

Last time , on the Electric Plog ...

There was a trivia question !! And the obvious answer is : Yesterday !! Here's how it went !!

First of all it was touch-up time for the Luna heart ... Did about 20 minutes worth of just that and here's what it looked like , all ready and good to go !!

Wonderful colours !! I like to go back and touch-up every piece I do , wether it needs it or not !! You can always add a bit of contrast here and there and just make the whole piece a bit nicer with just a few extra minutes !!

Second in line ... The ray gun wielding , honey sipping bear (with official edition Space Captain holster belt) got started and finished !! I love love love one shots !!! A few good hours of work and a finished piece for the folio !!

And finally ... To finish this long day of work ... The obvious pint to make it all better !

There you go ! If you had guessed it and sent it my way ... You could have won ... Nothing ! Maybe next time I'll make it more official with prizes and stuff !!

Take care out there and try to be good !! And if you really can't , then be good at it !! Laters skaters !


Flora Amalie said...

Cute bear!

Monster Sid said...

i love you line work!

Simon said...

that bear has to be one of the coolest tat's ever :D