Almost at the press !

For all those interested :

Update from the print house !!

Have chosen and managed to get two new prints almost ready for the press in the last few days ! Two new additions to your collection perhaps ! I'm not finished yet with them but almost there ! They should be sent over this week and available on the Electric Pick Ture Box next week !!

For those of you interested in such a thing , there will be 50 of each of the two prints , hand signed and numbered on super duper fancy , 350 mg , A3 , special paper I just discovered existed and of course , will never be reprinted again !! Not quite sure how much they'll go for yet but will post it all over when I get them !!

Also in that run , I have decided to get a super batch of fancy shmancy postcards done !! That's right ... Fancy ones !! Nothing's too good for you and me ! There might be as much as 10 different ones and will probably all come together for not so fancy of a price !! Keep an eye over here or on the E+P+T+B in the coming days and you'll find out for your self what and when !!! No no no ... Won't tell ya anymore !!! I just won't ... ok ok !! I'll say just this !

Take care out there , stay safe and don't catch the flu !!!

More mega Plog action tomorrow !

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Flora Amalie said...

Cloudhuggin rules!!