Black and white !!

... That's right !! No black and grey here !!

The week's final tat-tat-tattoo action !! Detective Grey's adventures continued for 5 and a half hours today !! We filled in all of the background in black and white and it looks awesome !!! Damn right it does ! The foreground will be in colour and that's gonna rock too !!! But until our next session , right after the Summer ... Here's what you get to look at !! Not too bloody but still a bit of glare ... Gave ya a quick wrap around with some close-ups too !! That's right , nothing's too good for you !

Watch out , detective Grey !!!! Matilda (aka Natasha aka the red scorpion) is a RED !!!!

And as promised last time the famous detective was over ... A shot of the first adventure !!

A life of action !!

My turn to master spy tomorrow !! Wish me luck !! For the free world is once again in great danger and as we all know , evil never ever rests ... Not even sometimes !! Never !

Plog ya on my way back home tomorrow if the new sub has wifi !!


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Petri said...

Maaan, you really are something else... Fucking cool.