Followers ??

Thanks guys !!!

It's always nice to see people adding themselves up on there !! To you and to all the other people out there who check this here little Plog once in a while ... Thanks a lot !! It's pretty nice to see that people are interested in what ya do !!

You guys rock !!

Ok... Gotta go back to work now ... More tomorrow !


Unknown said...

Well dude, thanks to you for keeping up the postst!

Monster Sid said...

hey there!
in fact, only i have just created account, but there are at least 3 ppl in our studio regularly following your posts :)
we are damn impressed, and 2 of us think about some nice spot for your needles!
so i will asks about possibility really soon :)
best regards from nightliner berlin!

chris said...

yea i love checkin out what ya just did an hearin about it too'