Zombies and carnies !!

From the office today ...

A well overdue session of super colour on the carny folk sleeve !! It had been a while !! Almost a year apparently ! Well here's the bottom half a few minutes from being done !!

No eyes !!! (For real this time !!)

In other news ... I now suspect the overly covered Swine Flu to be much more then a flu !! That's right ! I now posses unrefutable evidence that this is a full blown Zombie invasion !!!!!! That's right !! Grab your power tools and load your shotguns !! It came to me last night when surfing the random news wires I'm obsessed with checking ! And came across some disturbing facts that can only be explained by ... A zombie invasion !!! Check this out !!

First on April 27th : From Reuters

103 dead , would make it all the way to 107 before the end of the day !

Then yesterday night (29th of April ) : From the BBC

2 days later ... 9 dead !!

That's right , my friends !! The dead are coming back to life !!! Indisputable evidence right there !! Here's a free tip for you guys ... Use your head , remove theirs !!

More news tomorrow ... Also from the office of P P P P P P A A A I I I I N N N N N N .... !


Flora Amalie said...

That's some solid logic right there.
Thanks for going on a fact finding mission, your discoveries could save lives!

Jesse Smith said...

Nice one:)

Joe Capobianco said...

Oh, I so can't wait a real honest to goodness Zombie uprising. Bring it on ya undead Bastids!