11 years !!

... Of tattooing , that is !

Forgive me this note of nostalgia for a second ... Just thought about it today ! Don't really know the date but know that it was in April of 98 ! Hah ... What do ya know !!! After being told time and time again by so many of the "old schoolers" wherever I'd end up working , during so many years , that people wouldn't be interested in getting tattoos that weren't a reproduction ... That were only my doodles and no one else's designs !! Guess they were wrong !! Am still around ... Me and my silly doodles ! More more more to come too !!

Check this one out !

The day's robo-drama !!! We coloured at it for about 4 hours today and almost finished it !! Mister Robot here got some sweet golden shades of ... Golden ! And then we went crazy and gave him a super dramatic , intense , radioactive green sky !! Booya ! A short session left in June and this one's a done deal !! Hah ! Got a few ok shots ... A bit of glare but still pretty good shots >>>>>>

Robot's gone mad , I tell ya !!

More tat-action madness tomorrow !!! Stay tuned for that ... But also for the answer of this week's trivia question !!!

Q: What does a heart , an armed bear and a half dozen pints of Guinness have in common ??

Later , Plog-huggers !


Martin said...

Who wants reproduction when you can have an individual piece of artwork? Hah - Keep doodling, mate. I'll come back for more when my personal credit-crunch has loosened its grip!


congrats doodle rama, keep pluggin and sluggin son

MAT lapping said...

Congrats 11 years, your work is soooo original its unreal, im just trying to break into custom work myself n drop reproduction n flash, hard with some customers though, any tips?

keep up the skin revolution

Uncle Allan said...

I believe cake will be in order to celebrate. But since you don't have a date does that mean cake for a whole month?...mmmm

ZAK said...

One can see your piece a mile away, buddy. And its not only regular folks that are impressed I can tell ya, its (I guess the next generation of) old schooler as well. Your stubborness is finally paying off. Good for you, mate.

Petri said...

I do consider you to be one of the best tattoo artists out there. Everyone is raving about your buddy Allan (and rightly so), but they tend to forget you. And btw, what a great shop you got going on! I mean, if I would choose my dream tattoo shops, you both would propably be in there.

Be fierce young lord!

chris, pa,usa said...

sweet i love robots