House on the hill !

G'day g'day !!

Today , at the office of blood , tears and ink ! Some more sweet colour got done on this sleeve right here !! We done did pretty much most of the forearm today in about 3 hours and it doesn't look like there's many more sessions to go before it's all done and pretty ! Next session in a few month ! Until then ... Here's a pretty good shot of it !

A perfect place to hide when the zombies come out tonight , if ya ask me !!

Back at the C.C.H.Q. tomorrow for some more book making , a tad bit of illustration perhaps and maybe even some pictures !! Who knows ??

Take care out there , don't eat too much chocolate and have a good Friday !! ( Get it ? Good Friday !! ... Ok ok ... Lame )



igl said...

Hmmm, this tat is different to other tats i saw before,... i dont know why or how its no chinese sign or nautic star. i´m desperate !

chris said...

pretty sweet piece love that blue