Fussy part !

(Act like you know !!)

Well this little guy's not having too good of a day but that happens some time and there's nothing you can do about it !

Had a crazy day running all over town today ! Managed to make it in time at the post office too !! So all of you who have ordered stuff last week from the Electric Pick Ture Box should get their goodies in the following days !! And that goes for you too buddy Chicken !! Damn right !! Was about time , I know !!

Also made it in time for the Central Command Head Quarter upgrade store (for spies only) cuz you see ... I've decided to invest a bit and upgrade my own Central Command Head Quarters lately ! Pictures when the upgrade is complete !! My only last dilemma being , periscope or no periscope !? You see my predicament !? They're awesome however take so much room !! Oh well ...

And finally ... One little bit of advice !! If you happen to be on vacation in Thailand at the moment and happen to be in Bangkok , don't wear a yellow shirt !!!!! Or a red one for that matter ! On these fine words of wisdom I bid you farewell for today and I'll be posting yall again soon enough !


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